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Why Many Choose Genesis Over Thesis

If you ask almost any blogger to name a few indispensable tools of their trade, most would include WordPress themes on the list. The diverse functionality of these WordPress themes has helped transform this blogging software into a worldwide favorite for many individuals. Today casual internet users, webmasters and dedicated bloggers all consider these themes to be a crucial element of writing and design.

Currently the Genesis WordPress theme is in a head to head battle against the Thesis WordPress theme for market domination. Thesis may be more established than the younger Genesis version, but which one is actually the superior product?


Search engine optimization features are integrated into both framework designs. Some may argue that many of the other WordPress plug-ins also offer similar SEO capabilities. Some individuals insist that the SEO features included in the Genesis WordPress theme are easier to use. For the sake of argument, let’s call this comparison a draw for now.


You can customize both Genesis and Thesis WordPress themes to suit your specific audience. Each includes options and filters that provide a wide range of latitude in customizing your site. However, in order to customize the Thesis framework, the user needs to be well versed in how this theme is designed — a level of familiarity that can take some time to achieve.

However, if you are new to the customization process, Genesis will guide you through each step. Its widgets allow you to easily access and control every detail of the customization process. The elimination of working with coding is a welcome bonus. Continue reading Why Many Choose Genesis Over Thesis

WPEngine Review: Lightning Fast WordPress Hosting

I switched to WP Engine this past spring and I have been absolutely thrilled with my Website speed. said my site is beating 96% of all tested Websites. This is how I compare to other sites on the Web.

  • MyWebTronics: 391 ms
  • 545 ms
  • 464 ms
  • Google search result for “WordPress Speed”: 478 ms
  • TechCrunch: 6.77 seconds

Keep in mind, I am displaying excerpts from 25 posts on my home page. That creates a large while loop during load. But I don’t have to worry about that because WP Engine does such a great job caching my content.

Why WPEngine is so fast

wordpress-hostingI spent almost several days working on a client’s site because it was loading so slow (12+ seconds. After re-coding some of their site followed Yahoo! and Google’s advice on site speed. When I was done, the site was loading in under 3 seconds.

A nice improvement considering where they started at, but I was still unhappy with their load times. That’s when I stumbled upon WP Engine.

Of course, I would never put one of my clients sites on an untested host. So, I gave MyWebTronics a run on Wp Engine and I was literally blown away by my site’s speed. I am getting ready to move my client’s site and can’t wait to see the results. Continue reading WPEngine Review: Lightning Fast WordPress Hosting

Modern Age Website Designing: Trends You Need To Try Out

Gone are the days when designers were only restricted to doing the graphic designing of the website, while developers dealt with the technical segments. But no more as this trend is getting passe. In today’s modern age, the professional difference of a website designer and a developer is gradually getting blurred with online users demanding for more than just good visuals.

If you had been trying to lure more visitors to your website with just good visual effects and flashy designs, it’s time to think anew. With the origin of various advanced devices such as smart phones, iPads, notebooks and tablets, a website design of today is considered as effective and successful only when it is compatible with these devices. Being more tech-savvy, users of today are more convinced with advanced functionalities such as options to stay connected, realistic designs that evolve response etc rather than just an eye catchy design. Hence it is very important for any professional designer to stay updated and knowledgeable about the changing trends of the age. Here we bring for you some of the upscaling trends of modern age that has gained immense popularity among users: Continue reading Modern Age Website Designing: Trends You Need To Try Out